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The Swan Lobe Earring Supports

The Swan Lobe Earring Supports are now available on and

This is what you’ll see; go to and search “the swan lobe” or by clicking our Amazon link above or on our front page; 

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Made in The United Kingdom

We have The Swan Lobe manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest possible quality control standards. We, as a company, wanted to make sure that we kept, and keep for the future, the manufacturing within the UK.

Rigorous Company and Product tests to Sell on Amazon

In order to be a beauty seller on Amazon, you have to apply, prove with documentation and testings, that you are a legitimate company and that your product/products are medically tested and adhere to all the relevant guidelines. I, personally, thought this would be an easy process, much like eBay, but i was surprised but also really impressed that Amazon take their beauty and medical categories so seriously. We are extremely honoured to be beauty/medical sellers on and :)


Feedback from you, our customers, is extremely important to us. We have spent years getting to the stage in our companies journey to bring to you the highest quality product. We haven’t cut any corners on our quality control or medical, cleanroom environment manufacturing and packaging.

As our product is a medical/personal product, we don’t accept refunds (much like undies, I wouldn’t open a pair of pants, briefs in USA terms 😉 and then take them back to a store, much like ladies wouldn’t take back false eyelashes or bra’s I should image) but if there are any manufacturing faults, that is a whole other matter, and I can safely say I know there won’t be any manufacturing problems, but if there were to be, please call us or email and we’ll investigate. Our doors (phone lines and emails) are always open to you :)

Here is some recent feedback on Amazon for The Swan Lobe; 


Have an amazing day and I hope you try, and enjoy, our product