Essex Business Excellence Awards

Essex Business Excellence Awards 2015

My sister Wendy and I, Georgie, at The Swan Lobe Limited are SO fortunate to have been nominated from hundreds of companies across Essex, as finalists in the innovation category, for the Essex Business Excellence Awards. The Essex Business Excellence Awards Homepage

Having only been selling our product since the end of May 2015, but having put so much hard work into our dream over the last eight years, I can only TRY to put into words how important this is to us as a company, but more importantly, as a family, as my sister and I have, and are working, so hard to build our company.


CAT Surveys are judging the innovation category for the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2015 and they have chosen us as finalists for the top three companies, from hundreds of applicants from other businesses, and on the night of the 25th of September, at the stunningly beautiful, Hylands House in Chelmsford, we will find who has won first place.

I’d personally like to congratulate the other two finalists, ‘Children’s Respite Care Ltd‘ and ‘YourZone Studio’ and we are all winners being chosen to be finalists, but obviously, to win would just be blooming awesome! To have such an amazing accolade as the Essex Business Excellence Awards and CAT Surveys choose us as a winner would be a huge catapult for our small business and beyond an honour. We will take pictures and let you all know what happens on the night of the 25th September and here’s to positive thinking :)

The Essex Chronicle

Clare Youell, a wonderful reporter from the Essex Chronicle wrote an amazing piece about my sister and I and, although one of Clare’s colleagues changed the title to narrow our target audience purely by mistake, the piece itself is amazing. If you’ve read the piece you will notice the top title mentions “dancers injuries” and also says that I’m dancer, although its been known for me, at weddings, to try and cut some shapes on the dance floor, I’m purely a singer, songwriter, actor and more importantly, an inventor and yes, that is a tad bit of an odd mixture but as a dyslexic, it all keeps my creative mind active 😉

Clare Youell is such a caring and attentive person and takes a lot of pride in her work, so Clare, if you are reading this, thank you so much for interviewing us and coming to our home. It was such a pleasure to meet you and apologises again for me being unwell. The Charity gig’s I had sung for the two days on a row prior had really taken a toll on my spine but I promise I will be my normal bright and “non sick” self when we next meet at the awards.


Final thoughts

As finalists, all three companies are winners but I do hope that we win, as anyone would, so onwards to Hylands House for the Essex Business Excellence Awards 25th September 2015.

You can do it too!

Have a great week everyone and follow your dreams! No matter how far they seem from attaining. All it takes is belief and hard work, anyone out there thinking “I want to do …….” or “I would like to be my own boss” take that leap and believe you can achieve, because you truly can, just be prepared to work your behinds off :)

Here’s a list of all the categories and the finalists for each; Good luck to everyone!