History Of The Swan Lobe Part 3

It’s All In The Name

We knew from the start that we wanted our product to be unisex, as I use it & have done since the first prototypes in 2008.

Our product is shaped like wings as the ‘wing’ shape helps The Swan Lobe contour the reverse of the ear lobe & the cartilage of the ear, aiding the transparent medical grade material to be virtually invisible to the naked eye on ALL skin tones.

The shape wasn’t a conscious decision to make the design to fit our name, it was from the initial sketch I made when I was 12. It was however a conscious decision to have them packaged, cut & placed as laid out wings within the packaging, under the protective layer that keeps The Swan Lobe clean & free of contaminants.

It felt a little like destiny that our product looked like wings & our surname just happened to be the name of a beautiful winged creature so we ran with the name “Swan Lobe”. After all, we believe hole heartedly in our product & the quality we wish to bring to you, so why wouldn’t we put our name to it :)

Yes, even though we state that the product is virtually invisible to the naked eye, I have been asked at shows & product events, “does it come in other colours?” but seriously, it is that simple, if you apply it correctly and make sure The Swan Lobe runs smooth against your skin, it takes on the colour of your skin with its transparency. We’ve spent years sourcing & researching the perfect materials to manage all tasks including that aspect, for example;

  • Strong enough to hold the weight of an earring
  • Strong enough, but still malleable to contour the ear
  • Strong but still able to be pierced without using excessive force
  • Thick enough to still maintain the strength & power needed but keeping the translucency to be suitable for the invisibility factor on all skin tones

This is just an extremely short list of some of the criteria I wrote when we sourced our final material. I won’t even get started on the medical side now as this blog will be three thousand words long even without mentioning our name & the reasoning behind choosing it, which is why i’ll get back to my segment; ‘It’s all in the name’ & to round this segment of, before I run out of space & loose your attention 😉

In our heads, our wing shaped product, plus our surnames just made the perfect fit to use “Swan” in “The Swan Lobe” as a Swan is both powerful, graceful & has wings, more importantly the name bridged the gap for both sexes in our eyes whilst really hitting our USP’s of comfort, support, protection & the wings aspect for “lift” in “the instant lobe lift”.

The Swan Lobe will now be a family legacy, part of our history & we hope it will live on & be something to make our parents & family proud, as I personally am so proud of what my sister & I have achieved so far, without investment from investors, just simply with our hard work & savings.

With all we’ve been through in our lives, I always think; “Never underestimate a wounded animal”, because we certainly have learnt to grow from what hasn’t killed us & I have always said, “The only way to predict the future, is to create it” & that’s why I personally have taken time out of my acting, singing & songwriting careers to concentrate fully on The Swan Lobe Limited to make it the company I know it will be. 

The Patenting Process

It feels like a LONG road from then to here, but as many will know, patenting a product isn’t an overnight process.

Add that to developing a brand, prototyping the product, finding the perfect manufactures, the “right fit” Law firms to represent us, the perfect packaging companies to bring the HIGHEST quality of product possible to you, & not forgetting, me having two pretty life threating spinal surgeries, the final one in October 2011 after a total of five years bed rest since the accident in 2007 & my sister having a horrific pain condition called CRPS where she has been left in constant full body pain, I think all in all, we’ve done a great job bringing a product that’s needed for an issue that many people don’t see as an issue or simply don’t speak about.

Many think they have allergies to certain metals when in fact their earrings are too heavy, until they know about & see our product in action.

Here’s hoping you will try our product when we start to sell online via this site & stores worldwide.
We hope it can help you & your friends/family enjoy wearing ALL your/their earrings & even try out some varieties of earrings that you may have thought would be too heavy, or even bring out some old pairs you’ve stopped wearing because they’ve caused damage or pain in the past to your earlobes.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to purchase The Swan Lobe before our launch or if you have any questions at all via our website’s contact page.

You could always send us videos of you trying out our product with your reaction to its unique benefits. Please tag our YouTube page, Twitter, FaceBook & Website with these. We would love to see your reactions.

So I leave you with this one thought to finish today on;

If your image conscious or even curious about what our product can do for you, try The Swan Lobe.

It will fast become a part of your life on a daily basis & a permanent addition to either your makeup bag or daily grooming routine.

Here’s to our history so far & here’s to the future for The Swan Lobe brand.

Follow our social media accounts to grow with us on our journey & thank you SO much for reading.

Kindest regards & well wishes

Georgie Swan