ITV News Recognition for family business

ITV News Recognition for family earring-support business

ITV News

Seven weeks since starting to sell our patented earring-supports online via and our beauty accounts on & and introducing our beauty accessory in May at London’s Olymipa, we have been given an amazing chance to tell our story to the one and only ITV News.

The ITV News link above will take you to see the story and short interview.

As a small family business, I’m sure you can understand how rare and amazing this is for us and the continuing exposure we’re getting is beyond a dream.

Thank you to ITV News for your story “Recognition for family earring-support business”

Here’s to the future for The Swan Lobe Limited and getting public awareness for our product.

Once you try, and start using, The Swan Lobe Earring-Supports™ as part of your routine, the benefits are instant, you’ll feel so much more comfortable, supported and your ears will be protected, as well as that, your ears & earrings will look amazing!

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The Story reads;

A brother and sister from Battlesbridge in Essex have got through to the finals of the county’s business awards.

Georgie Swan set up the business with his sister Wendy but they’ve both overcome some difficult times to get their small business off the ground.

Wendy has been housebound for 18 years. She used to be a fashion designer in New York but had to move home to be cared for by her family after being diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2. The nerve damage leaves her in constant pain.

Georgie was in a car crash in 2007 which broke his neck and spine and left him with a 60% chance of permanent paralysis.

The pair then decided to turn an idea Georgie had at the age of 12 into a business – and began developing the swan lobe earring support that prevents damage to earlobes when wearing heavy earrings.

The transparent plastic is applied to the back of the ear and transfers the weight of the earring onto the stronger cartilage.

Wendy Swan, Co-Director, Swan Lobe, says: “We’ve developed his initial idea together and seeing it and knowing it works for people and how well it does work it’s just wonderful and can’t wait to see it in a store… We are so proud of what we have achieved with so many struggles.”

After coming to the market in May the product’s now got through to the finals of the Essex Business Excellance Awards for innovation.

Georgie Swan, Inventor and Co-Director, Swan Lobe, says: “It’s crazy having been such a new company even though we’ve worked on it for almost 8 years now it’s such an honour. My sister put me into it for the innovation category and our company being a top three finalist out of hundreds across Essex is an honour.”

Georgie will have to wait until 25 September to find out if he’s won.

Thank you again to ITV News, your support is awesome!

Have an amazing day everyone x

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