The reason we started our company..? - You!

The reason we started our company..? - Is You! 😊🙏

Today, I awoke to such a beautiful post on Instagram from a customer that had brought from our Amazon store front. Working so hard and posting out orders daily and building a business from scratch, like many of you may know, its a long hard slog but SO worth it when you get emails and posts like this one. Ava Eldred kindly gave permission for us to post a blog about her post, and with the cross over to our new websites, its been a while since our last blog and what better way to start again than with words written by someone trying our product for the first time.

I'll now paste below Ava's post literature;

In 2008, in a bathroom in the New Yorker hotel, I was drying my hair and ripped my earring clean out. It didn't hurt, or even bleed. I laughed about it, got dressed, and probably went to see RENT, because flying across the planet for a musical was just the kind of thing we did when we were 19. I haven't worn an earring in it since. In the past 9 years, I've considered getting it fixed a lot, but turns out that's expensive unless it's causing you significant trauma which, lol, it quite clearly wasn't. I actually sort of came to love it, and while I missed the finishing touch an earring gave, I had much better things to spend my money on. A few months ago I heard about Swan Lobe, a little product that apparently kinda... did the surgery in (sort of) sticker form. This week one of those moods hit where I needed to feel more ~together~ so I ordered a few products from Amazon 'cause if I wasn't feeling on top of the world, I could at least try to look it. My hopes weren't that high. But guys. It works. That selfie right there? That was 15 minutes ago, after about 2 hours of wearing 2 earrings. I am astounded, truly. THANK YOU @theswanlobe. I had no idea how completely wonderful this would feel. (The hardest part? Honestly? Sitting on my bedroom floor re-opening the other ear with an earring. Teen me is proud). 


Ava Eldred's Instagram is and I'm sure she would love you to take a look at her page and follow her on her posts about theatre and her day to day life

Ava, after 9 years, can now wear earrings again - That is the reason we started our company, to bring you a new, innovative beauty product that works for you and lets you enjoy earrings whilst both preventing damage and, even if you have damage or completely torn lobes, you can now wear your earrings again, even heavy earrings like Ava's.

Thank you Ava! 😊

Ava wearing The Swan Lobe

Photo credit to @avalikealullaby

Where to buy The Swan Lobe Earring Supports?

UK 🇬🇧 Orders £7.99 for a seven pair pack or our special promotion of 3 packs for the price of 2 packs, Free Shipping on all orders


International Orders are charged in American Dollars USD $14.99 for a seven pair pack or our special promotion of 3 packs for the price of 2 packs, Free Shipping on all orders Worldwide!

Don't accept any substitute!

There used to be only one other support on the Market for people to buy, now, that same support, Wonder Lobe, is now licensed to several companies across the United States of America and available Worldwide. By all means, test whichever products you like and buy within your budget, but bear in mind, 60 earring supports for the price of our seven pairs doesn't make them better value when the aren't able to lift your lobes, let alone, carry the weight of earrings like Ava's

Put yourself first, like we put you, the customer first, and buy wisely and, if need be, do your research before hand. No other support on Earth can instantly lift lobes or enable you to wear heavy earrings without sagging due to our unique patent protection. 

Have an amazing week everyone! Please keep emailing and sending in your before and after pictures, it literally makes all our hard work worth while seeing you happy and wearing your gorgeous earrings again. 

Thank you