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The Swan Lobe Limited, Winner Of Countywide Business Awards 2015 New Company

My sister, Wendy Swan and I, Georgie, are honoured to announce that our company, The Swan Lobe Limited, was chosen as the Winner for New Company at the Countywide Business Awards 2015 on Friday 2nd October at the beautiful venue, The Cliffs Pavilion in Southend, Essex.

The Countywide Business Awards celebrate the success of businesses across the County and the whole of Essex. Quotes from The Countywide Business Awards website “It is the largest of our awards events, offering entrants the opportunity to go head to head with the crème de la crème of Essex Business”

“The Essex Business Awards have been established for 20 years and are a local platform for celebrating the very best business successes in the area.

The aim of the awards is to raise company awareness, increase networking opportunities and improve company image and customer confidence.

The awards recognise the efforts of local companies who have one thing in common, the dedication to achieve excellence.

The awards are open to small, medium and large companies that have shown a dedication to hard work and commitment. A company can be nominated by an owner, employee or a satisfied customer.”

New Company Award 2015

If you are new to reading our blogs, you may be unaware that my sister, Wendy whom is my business partner, was unable to attend the amazing evening of the Countywide Business Awards 2015 due to a pain condition from a knee operation left her housebound 18 years ago. You can read more in our other blogs, but Wendy was nervously awaiting the news, the same as I was on the evening of the Business Awards 2015 and the first thing I did when returning to our parents at the Awards table was to contact my sister with the amazing news of our win. Being the Winner of the Countywide Business Awards 2015 New Company is such an amazing privilege, and I couldn’t wait to get home and celebrate with our parents and Wendy over a coffee and show Wendy the amazing Award!

Here’s a picture of the Business Award for 2015 ‘s New Company Award Winner;


The New Company Countywide Business Award winner for 2015 was chosen by the Awards Sponsor Century Office and judged by Sarah Bays, one of the companies Directors. I, Georgie, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah Bays in the judging process along with all the other companies in the same catagory and I found both Sarah and Century Office to be highly professional and committed to excellence in business and business in their field. I would highly recommend Century Office to ANY and EVERYONE that wants amazingly, brand new and original office furniture.

Here’s a picture of Sarah Bays presenting me with our winners business award for new company 2015;

Press & Newspapers

With Winning the Countywide Business Awards 2015, Award for New Company, we have been lucky enough to be within the pages of this weeks The Echo, The Gazette & The Essex County Standard newspapers. With the Echo Newspaper kindly saying the following about us winning the new company award in todays Echo, Wednesday October 7th 2015;

“At twelve years old, Georgie Swan was a talented young singer performing in a charity event at the London Palladium. Waiting to go on stage, Georgie noticed the dancers fiddling with their ears and complaining that their costume earrings were too heavy and uncomfortable. Being an aspiring entrepreneur at even this young age, Georgie made notes to remind himself to think of a solution.

Some years later, a very serious accident left Georgie with six fractures in his neck, another two in his spine. Told he would likely never walk again, he began looking at ways he might make a living and referred back to his “little black book”.

Georgie joined forces with his sister, Wendy, and they set about creating a solution to the dancers’ problems of so many years before. And so “Swan Lobe” was born, an earring support which protects the ears from tearing under too much weight.

This is a story of real triumph over adversity. The Swan family have worked together under enormous pressures and difficulties and yet have succeeded in producing a magnificent product and creating a brand that is on its way to becoming a household name. They are truly inspirational and so deserving of this award.”

As everyone one of you reading this knows, when you work SO hard, like we all do, and get recognition, its a feeling beyond words.

Thank you

Both Wendy and I would like to thank The Countywide Business Awards and Century Office UK for giving us the honourable title, Winner of Business Awards 2015 New Company Award and here’s to amazing future for The Swan Lobe Limited and our invisible little wings, lifting earlobes across the world and preventing the need for more earlobe repair surgery/surgeries and earlobe reduction surgeries.

Our Mission

Prevention, Protection and Comfort whilst wearing earrings. To hide damage to earlobes or to prevent it from the start, from young to old, men and women, The Swan Lobe earring supports are the finishing touch to every look, and every earring.

Buy with secure payment options on this website and also the trusted & via The Swan Lobe.

What our invisible little wings look like;